Friday, March 6, 2009


Seriously, I cannot contain myself sometimes in school.

We were sounding out the word nip. Of course I had to quickly explain that a nip was like a bite. My little guy who loves telling stories says, "Ohhh! Nip. Like nipple. Did you know nipples are for breast feeding? Babies drink from them. They drink milk from their mommies." Whoa.. dude.. slow down. I'm really going to get some calls about that one. Great.

I had to hold up a book to hide my laughter.

We then sound out wig. He loudly proclaims, "My mom wears a wig!"

Follow that up with sounding out "mass". We have to sound it out. Mmmm....aaaaa....sssssss. I then have three little ones breaking out into a fit of laughter screaming, "We just said @$$! We just said @$$!" No.. we didn't, but you did now. Thanks. That Teacher of the Year Award? Looking even more likely everyday.

During math... he called a peacock a pecker. Seriously? I.can'

He also told me, "I'm a true gentleman. And? I'm sooooo handsome." and full of yourself?


Lil' Woman said...

lol...great teaching stories..that teacher of the year award is def. going to you :) Kids now a days.

Shea said...

Too Funny!!