Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Oh Kids...

Today the school nurse came in to talk about dental health. While she was in there? I'm pretty sure there were two f bombs in general conversation and one student who said, "My dad didn't brush his teeth and now he has gold teeth! I want gold teeth!". Um.. gold teeth? Not cool.

When she was leaving, she wished me luck. I can't imagine why she would think I needed luck with those little ones. Ha.

Another funny little conversation I overheard:

A: I have a headache because of all of your whining. You're a whine-a-saurus.

I'm glad they are learning something about dinosaurs...

Also.. why is it that when I'm playing rhyming games with kids the only words that come to mind are curse words? Think of all those naughty words you can rhyme with sit. Also, class? Yup.. I can think of one that rhymes with that.

Good thing I can laugh and pretend like I can't think of a rhyming word and they come to my rescue! :)


Anonymous said...

haha.. your stories crack me up! I was always amazed that 3rd graders knew something about 69. I would NEVER say the number. I would always say "Let's go to page 70. Nope, go back one more page."

ReRe said...

gold teeth! that made my day