Friday, February 26, 2010

Open Mouth, Insert Foot...

Me and my big mouth. Sometimes, it's been known to get me in trouble....

Allow me to set the scene: Hanging out with kids in my co-worker's room. Said co-worker is about 9.5 months pregnant (okay, not really.. but she feels like she is..) and ready to give birth any day now. The kids in the room were kids who did not earn our game day event and we were supervising them. None of the kids were my students, so they were 3rd through 5th graders.

Me: Wow, you might have that baby this weekend!
Co-worker: I know, right?
Me: (turning to a kid...) Hey! What do you think? Is Mrs. Co-worker going to have her baby this weekend?
Mr. ADHD: She might!
Miss ADHD: I know where babies come from!
Mr. ADHD: Me, too. I watched a video about where babies come from. Did you know..
Miss ADHD: I read a book called, "This Is Where You Come From".
Me: Time out. I'm pretty sure you have work to do. Nevermind about the baby. (turning to co-worker) Boy, do you ever wish you hadn't opened your big mouth?
Co-worker: Only 100 times a day.

I totally forgot what kids over the age of 8 are capable of talking about...


Lil' Woman said...

You don't want to open that can of :)

Anonymous said...

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M said...

Little kids are too funny!

Sherrie said...

lol Kida are so funny.