Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder?

Yes, I know... I've been a terrible blogger lately. But I have some excuses:

  • Computer(s) have been on the fritz. Hubby's was gone for service so we had to share, then my wireless stopped working. That meant we had to plug in for internet-- in the basement. We have a separate heating system for down there so it is C-O-L-D down there.
  • We had guests in town-- that means not a lot of time for blogging. I have been reading yours though!

I know those aren't very good excuses, but it's the truth. My one reader has been very upset at my lack of posting. Thanks mom for missing me!

In other news, we've done some updating to the house. New furniture for the living room arrived on Friday and was set up on Saturday. We rearranged a bit and now we have to add a few things before it will be perfect. Next up? Tiling/painting the bathroom and new floors upstairs. I'm very excited. I've also removed the carpet from the stairs and stripped the paint off of it. Seriously, don't ever paint your hardwood stairs a horrible country teal green with a nice stencil. It's just not attractive and it's really annoying for the new owners to have to take off. Grr. But, it will be nice when they are finished.

Kids are doing well in school. They are just as funny as ever. Today's topic? Bling. Yes, they call my wedding ring/engagement ring bling. I believe the comment was, "Gee, Mrs. L.. you be blingin' with all that bling!" Then another one chimed in with, "Bling.. ring! Those are rhyming words!" Glad I've taught them something!


Kate said...

I'm here!

Sue said...

YEAH!!!!!!!!! You're back!! I was starting to go through Lori-blog withdrawal!! And guess what, I'll actually be at your house next weekend! Um . . . that's not an excuse for you not to blog. Don't be blamin' any future failure to blog on my being at your house - ain't buying it, little one! Love ya, Mom!!