Monday, January 26, 2009

Not Me Monday...

Time again for Not Me! Monday. Navigating the Quarterlife introduced me to "Not Me! Monday." Basically, you just list a bunch of things you didn't (read: did) do this weekend/week/etc.
So here goes:

1. I did not attempt to call The Cuz when I was in the stall of a bathroom in Target because I just had to share that I totally saw a used pregnancy test in the trash. I'm way more mature than that.

2. I did not let out a big sigh at 4:00 AM when hubby woke me up because he was in pain. I mean, I'm a much nicer wife than that.

3. I most certainly did not cry to hubby today because only 3 people left me comments for my giveaway. I mean, I don't take things like my blog seriously. Again, I'm way more mature than that.

4. I certainly did not laugh at hubby for using my crutches because he's 6'3 and I'm 5'6. I'm TOTALLY a nice wife and wouldn't laugh at him like that.

5. Not me! I didn't fall into the Chesapeake when I ran in for the Polar Bear Plunge. I mean, I have way more grace than that. Seriously.

6. I did not feed my dog human food because I was mad at hubby for ordering pizza with pepperoni on it when he knows I'm vegetarian and won't eat the pepperoni. I mean, I'm a way better puppy mama than that.

7. I most certainly did not check my email every ten minutes today to see if anyone else left me a comment to enter my giveaway. Seriously, who would let their blog take over their life? Not me.

I think that's all I've got today! :)

Seriously though.. leave me a comment to enter my giveaway. I'm thinking about adding in a Target gift card just because! I'll add in the gift card if 15 people enter.


Courtney M. said...

The Polar Bear Plunge! You're in MD. Me too! SO wish I would have done that. (Or do I?)

A Belle and her Beau said...

oh honey I have been so behind on blogs but I will go and enter your giveaway right now. We dont want any tears :)