Monday, January 5, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I stole this idea from Navigating the Quarterlife and I simply love it!

Here are the rules to playing, but in sum, you just list a lot of things you "didn't" (read: actually did) do this weekend/past week.

1. I definitely did not complain to my co-worker that hubby didn't know what color shoes to wear with his brown pants. That would just be mean. (I love you, hubby!)

2. I certainly did not raise my voice at a little one because he threw away food in the wrong trash can.

3. I most certainly did not suggest we get pizza tonight for dinner because I was too tired to cook and didn't want to go to the grocery store for a few items. I'm so much more mature than that.

4. I certainly did not starch four of hubby's shirts last night because I was feeling like a domestic diva and I know he likes his shirts fresh from the dry cleaners. I'm totally not that nice.

5. I most certainly did not flip someone off because they cut me off. I'm waaaaaaaay more mature than that.

6. No, not me. I didn't try three different times today to get my gmail to work so I could get to my google reader (the only way I can do it at work!) because I just had to check on my bloggy friends. I'm more of a professional than that.

7. I definitely did not avoid doing my lesson planning this weekend for this week because I just did not want to give up any of my vacation to do work. Again, I'm way more of a professional than that.

Can't wait to hear about things you didn't do today/this weekend!

Hope you enjoyed today's Not Me! posts!