Thursday, January 1, 2009

Even MORE Puppy Love...

As if I wasn't already annoyed with them.

Even more annoying than the wrestling going on in my house? Them "helping" me make the bed.

Big Dog has started this awesome habit of not really listening to me, at all. (It should be noted that she listens like a perfect angel for hubby) So when I attempted to push her off the bed, she just play growled at me and started play biting. I seriously think that is her way of laughing in my face. She would.not.move.

Little Dog? Her favorite is to get UNDER the sheets when I'm making the bed. You know, so I make the bed with her in it. She also will not move. I made the entire bed with her under the first sheet. Nothing. No movement. Again, her passive/aggressive way of annoying me to the bitter end.

As I typed that, I realize how stupid I was. Why did I continue making the bed with a dog in it? All that served was to force me to make the bed again!

Crap. Outsmarted by a freakin' dog.


LuLu said...

Love it! My Sadie listens so well to the hubby but totally ignores me:)