Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 Things...

I was tagged on facebook, but I thought I'd do it on here instead. 25 Random things about me...

  1. I'm a bit of a control freak.
  2. I thoroughly enjoy reading trash magazines. The trashier, the bettter.
  3. After watching the Sarah Palin video where she was pardoning a turkey for Thanksgiving and a turkey was beheaded behind her, I just couldn't stand eating meat knowing how the animals were killed. I'm now a vegetarian.
  4. Even though I'm a control freak, my house is never tidy. I try so hard.
  5. I met my husband in a bar while I was in college.
  6. Today is a snow day and I'm actually sad that I didn't have to go to work today. I miss my kids and I want to share the snow with them! We've been waiting all year to put a square in the snow section of our weather graph.
  7. Even though I often complain about Maryland, I do love it here.
  8. I hate being 500 miles away from my family, but I do love that I'm not in Michigan anymore.
  9. I do not feel sexy. Ever.
  10. I take anxiety medication (which partially explains the above statement) and I'm still afraid I'm going to have a panic attack.
  11. I love milk duds.
  12. I want to be a mother more than anything in the world, but it's not the right time for me and it's hard for me to admit that.
  13. My dogs mean the world to me.
  14. I love food. Especially anything salty.
  15. I feel more at home when I'm teaching than any other place in the world.
  16. I go through phases where I either save everything in sight or I throw everything away. It's quite strange.
  17. I'm working on my Master's Degree to be a principal someday.
  18. Sometimes I'm an introvert hidden in an extrovert's body.
  19. I always thought I made friends easily, but it's really hard when you're an adult.
  20. People often think I'm older than I really am, even though I have a babyface.
  21. I want to be a stay at home mom someday.
  22. I often hold conversations in my head to rehearse how I think a conversation will go.
  23. I can drive to and from work without the radio on (mainly because of the above statement).
  24. My feet are my thermostat. If they are cold, I'm cold. If they are hot, I'm hot.
  25. My husband hates that I always want to redecorate.

Okay, there's 25 things about me. I tag anyone who wants to play along!


A Belle and her Beau said...

I take anxiety medicine to and am so glad I can discuss it with someone. I have taken Lexapro for 2 years and it has worked wonders but I still carry around a bottle of xanax in my purse AT ALL TIMES just in case I have a panic attack ... although I havent had one in almost 2 years. If for some reason I dont have the pills with me I am constantly worried that I might have a panic attack. I totally worry about get worried! I know my husband is like WTH is wrond with her. haha.

A Belle and her Beau said...

there were so many mispellings in my post and that drives me CRAZY :) sorry ... I was on a roll!

Mandy Fischer said...

Hey Re! I will post a comment for your giveaway! Miss you tons! It was great to see you at Christmas!

ms. mindless said...

just found your blog today! kate says that you are coming to the dc bloggers meetup. i am too!

Ellie said...

I hear you on the anxiety meds. I hate them though and try to stay off them and fight through it.

Btw, where were you married? We always see all the weddings there and have thought about doing it for ours down the line, but would have no idea who does it well. Would you recommend your resort?

Kate said...

Great post. See you this weekend!

Angela Darling said...

I constantly have practice conversations in my head too. I usually don't get to act them out in person, though. I have to say, at least it sounds great in my head:-)

Socially Conscious Darling said...

Ok, we are so alike. I can relate to #'s 1, 2, 9, 10, 13, 14, 19, and 22. I agree with A Belle and her Beau. I'm the same way. I was just worrying yesterday and my husband just rolled his eyes. Jerk, lol.