Friday, January 23, 2009

Officially Changing my Name...

After quite a long week (even though we had Monday off and Wednesday-Friday was early dismissals..) I've decided to change my name.

Working with six 5, 6, and 7 year olds with extreme ADHD and other emotional issues begins to take a toll on you after some time. Do you know how many times I hear my name in the course of a day? Well, my aides decided to do a little test to see. In four minutes my name was said (screamed, cried, whined, etc.) 45 times. That's 11 times a minute.

Seriously? What do these kids need from me to say my name 11 times in a minute. The absolutely horrible part? My name starts with an L. L is one of the harder letters to pronounce. In that time I'm sure my name was only said correctly about 50% of the time. And most of those probably did not start with a Mrs. because I'm just that cool.. I only need one name. You know, like Britney.. or Christina... or Madonna.

So.. I'm officially changing my name.

Or... only answering to a hand being raised.


Sarah said...

Do you get "HEY TEACHER!"? I use to get that all the time. I use to tell the pre-schoolers "I don't call you 'Hey kid' I use your name. You need to use my name" It didn't work as often as I wish it did.