Friday, January 23, 2009

Teacher of the Year.

Yeah, I'm pretty much the best teacher in the world.

I totally forgot to re-stock my school store (for those non-teachers out there.. it's basically how I bribe my kids to behave all week- I give them tickets, they get a prize based on the number of tickets they have). In order to not have to deal with the drama of the BOOOOOOORING school store and the numerous eye rolls I would get, I merely suggested we change it to Monday. Not a bad idea, right?

Wrong. You would have thought I suggested they eat bleach or something. They were not having any part of it. I instantly had five children claiming I was the worst teacher in the world.

Instead of owning up to being the World's Worst Teacher? I bribed them. 15 tickets for each of them if they waited until Monday.

Now? I'm hoping they'll forget.


Kristi said...

I would pretty much bet the farm that they won't forget. :)

Kate said...

My 5th grade teacher did the same thing. We always remembered. Even after holiday weekends. Good luck!