Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I have really horrible luck these days when it comes to poop.

Yesterday? Big Dog was eating something and I yelled at her to drop it. She did (first time she's really ever listened to me!) and I picked it up. Frozen poop. DIS.GUST.ING.

Today? Babysitting Boy had an upset tummy. I changed his pull up and got him ready for bed. On the way downstairs with the pull up in my hand, I noticed a warm sensation on my hand. I looked down just in time to see it oozing through my fingers. Again, DIS.GUST.ING.

Pretty awesome. Not.

PS.. Blogger doesn't think that disgusting is spelled incorrectly when I put it like that. Seriously? Weird...


Allison said...

blogger clearly understands the needed emphasis of "disgusting" written in all caps with periods throughout for this particular anecdote :)

littlesack said...

groooooossssssss! ugh. I had similar experiences with throw up this weekend. everyone in my family was sick and I was the only healthy one left to clean up. again- gross!!!

Ps--loved your not mes!