Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ice, Ice, Baby....

How many of you sang the song in your head? Don't lie, I know you did.

Little Dog is sitting so politely next to hubby who is icing his knee. She is eagerly waiting for him to stop icing his knee and give her the ice chunk. Seriously, these dogs LOVE ice (and poop). They go crazy for ice. Right now? Little Dog is licking the drops of water that fall off hubby's leg as he rubs the ice back and forth. Weird.

SCORE! Daddy gave her the ice chunk. Big Dog is now pawing at her, hoping the paw action will distract her long enough to grab the ice chunk. Unfortunately for her, Zoey is a pretty smart dog and LOVES her ice.

I know this past week and a half has been full of doggy posts, but it's the only material I have right now. School starts tomorrow. Be patient.


Deb said...

They look so innocent. You would never that Leila enjoys eating warm, steamy poop.

Mrs. Ruby said...

Just ran into your blog...and I must admit you have great taste in backgrounds. ;)
Your blog is great, and I can't wait to read more and become a FOLLOWER!

Sue said...

And we're lookin' for stories about your Yacker Tracker in the classroom!! I'm thinkin' they'll be some great reactions to that one, Mrs. L!!!

By the way, your doggies eat pooh and ice. Mine? He eats the wonderful loaf of banana bread right off the counter!!