Sunday, February 22, 2009


I might be in love with Hugh Jackman.

Seriously? He sang on the Oscars tonight and it was awesome. Plus he's funny? Sorry hubby, I might be leaving you for Hugh.

And Ann Hathaway? Who knew she could sing?

Back to the Oscars, on our new T.V. Yes, another new television. As my husband says, it's a big screen willy! I'm not sure about the willy, but it is a big screen.

If you could leave your significant other for someone famous, who would it be? I'm curious.


Lindsey said...

Donnie Wahlberg

I nominated you for an award

Shea said...

Christopher Meloni... He plays Elliot Stabler on Law and Order: SVU

Sue said...

Without a doubt, if George Clooney was to walk into my life, I'm afraid my hubby would have to leave. However, I know that he was vey disappointed that he didn't see Jennifer Anniston when we were in Cabo San Lucas last fall. I'm sure I'd be gone in a minute if she walked into his world!