Monday, March 1, 2010


Just bought a birthday card for a GIRLfriend... and after signing it, realized it said "Hey Guy! It's your birthday..."

Blame the blonde. Good thing she knows I'm a complete moron sometimes.

In other news, The Bachelor is on. Right now. Adios.


GUAMtastic said...

That is awesome. Hilarious!!

Kristi said...

Re: Bachelor. What say you about his pick? Did you watch the "After the Final Rose" show? I about gagged on my Merlot when he called Vienna his "baby." I mean, it's cute and all and I'm glad he found his soulmate and blah blah blah...but did you actually believe any of it? Me? Notsomuch. Team Tenley! (Also - Ali as the new bachelorette...very unsure of this.)