Tuesday, March 16, 2010

In Their Words..

My class is full of characters. Big characters in little bodies. Today's conversations included:

  • "Why do birds poop white? I mean, that's just wrong." Why do they poop white? I tried to explain that it sometimes had to do with what they ate, but I was quickly reminded that birds don't eat much that is white... Followed with, "Well humans don't eat brown stuff and their poop is brown, so why does it change color? I wonder what color elephants poop!" and another friend chiming in saying that she pooped green once. Lovely. Just lovely. I can only imagine what these kids tell their parents they learned in school.
  • "Ms. L, if the sun is a star, why do we call it the sun? Shouldn't we just call it a star? Why you gotta be all confusing and stuff?"
  • In a card written to the social worker who graciously covered my class while I was dealing with an emergency, "Sry fur be in a fool wile Ms. L was gawn" translation: Sorry for being a fool while Ms. L was gone. And, "I no we akted like a cirkus, but we ar sory. I be gud nes time" translation: I know we acted like a circus, but we are sorry. I'll be good next time. Seriously, they did act like fools in a circus. My room was WWF for a few minutes while I was gone.
  • "Man, you smell like you gots some gas up in there!"
  • And my personal favorite, "Ms. L, why do dogs smell other dogs in their privates? Don't they know they shouldn't touch other people's private places?"
Never a dull moment...


Sherrie said...

Kids are the funniest!

GUAMtastic said...

That is AWESOME. Never a dull moment!

Lori's Mom said...

I LOVE your kid stories! Sometimes they just make my day!

Lil' Woman said...

Yourkid stories are always entertaining...love it! :)