Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Teacher of the Year and Mother of the Year

Before you go reading too much into that title, the recipients are two different people. I, of course, win the Teacher of the Year Award and some other mama wins Mother of the Year.

While in summer school today, I overhear a little boy say turn to his mom and say, "Mom! Mom! I know her. She's a teacher at my school. She hits kids." The mom, without missing a beat says, "Well then you better be nice and don't make her hit you!".

Wow. Apparently other kids think I hit students. Let me defend myself before you all go thinking I abuse kids. I work with students with severe emotional and behavioral disorders. We're talking the cream of the crop. The naughtier the better. I get the kids who are unsuccessful at their previous school. I have kids who have punched adults (and caused an emergency room visit, no less), screamed obscene comments at adults and kids, and made numerous threats involving explosives, or other weapons. I have some pretty tough kids. As a result, I sometimes have to manage their behaviors with a hands on approach (I'm certified, don't worry) and it's always a last resort and only when the kid is a danger to themselves or others. So, yes.. it may look like I'm abusing them. I assure you, I am not. But, in the eyes of a 6 year old, it may look like I"m hurting them.

Thankfully, the mom laughed it off and turned to me and said, "I assume he has his story a little off. Don't you work with the ED kids? I can only imagine what was really happening!" and laughed again (with a little pity in her voice).

So.. I win Teacher of the Year for "hitting" kids and she wins Mother of the Year for being so cool.

On another note, not Mother of the Year? Letting your kids play in a public play place without shoes on. Seriously, do you know what could be lurking on the bottom of others' shoes? Wow. Let's just hope little Jimmy doesn't go wiping his feet, then his face, then your face. Because the likelihood that I stepped in dog doo before walking on those floors? Pretty high. Now you're stuck with dog doo feet little kids who might stick their fingers in your face. Sucks to be you.


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Jessis said...

It makes me very happy when you update! And it makes me even happier that you live through every day with your job.

Lil' Woman said...

Kids can def. take things out of context, thats good the mom was cool.