Friday, April 17, 2009

Funny Pups..

I have one dog who thinks anything is food and she simply cannot get enough of it. When we feed her, she's done eating in about .679 seconds. Big Dog (the lab) just inhales food. We joke that she can't even taste it because she eats it so fast.

On the other hand, we have to pretty much coerce Little Dog into eating. She wags her tail at us, often preferring our attention to her food. When she does finally dig in, she eats it one bite at a time like a little princess. She will pull a few pieces out and drop them on the floor to eat them one at a time.

It just kills Big Dog watching Little Dog eat. She sits so nicely next to her, just waiting for her to finish so she can lick the bowl. Little Dog revels in this and will drag it out even longer knowing that Big Dog is waiting.

Little Dog is such a snot sometimes.


DocE said...

Oh that's a great story... Love it!

Kelly said...

That is EXACTLY how my dogs are! The boy inhales his food and is usually done before I even put the girl's bowl down. Then she sits there and daintily picks up one piece of kibble at a time just to torture him!!

Lil' Woman said...

Your little dog sounds just like my dog..she eats likea lil princess as well! :)

Socially Conscious Darling said...

my dogs are the exact same way. it is too funny.