Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Vacation Ideas?

Alright ladies (and gentlemen?)... I need your help yet again.

Hubby and I are talking vacations. Here are some of the ideas we're tossing around.

  • Ft. Lauderdale, FL and Key West- to explore the keys, duh.
  • Glacier National Park- gotta visit before those glaciers melt.
  • Arizona- to do some hiking, visit the Grand Canyon, etc. but hubby has one heck of a stress fracture and he's not so sure he'll be able to hike.

I suggested North/South Carolina, but we're not sure there will be enough to do to keep us busy. I'm a total beach bum, Hubby is not-- so we have to do some compromising, of course. Anyone out there know anything about vacationing in the Carolinas?

Any other suggestions? Keep in mind, we want it to be affordable so travel outside of the States is probably out of the question.

The advantages to doing the Carolinas would be the fact that we can drive, so we're not really stuck to any set schedule and can drive at our leisure. If we do Glacier National Park or Arizona, we're looking at a really long car ride- I'm not such a good co-pilot in the car- I'm either a horrible backseat (front seat?) driver or one heck of a sleeper.

What do we do?!


Ashley said...

There's lots to do in the outer banks. You can camp, horseback ride, golf and there's the beach.

DocE said...

Arizona has a lot of stuff to do that doesn't have to involve a ton of hiking. Even the Grand Canyon now has a lot of wonderful, amazing non-hiking endeavors... In the summer you can go up to the top of Snowbowl and see for miles - it's amazing. ;) Southern and eastern Arizona are gorgeous and amazing too.

Jessis said...

If you come to the Carolinas, I will come visit you. That should be enough incentive.

I did Myrtle Beach and Charleston over the last year or two. Loved both. Charleston has a lot more history.

LuLu said...

Hilton Head and Charleston are great vacation spots in SC. Haven't been anywhere in NC since I was a child so no help there!

...this girl's life... said...

My vote is to go do Charleston and Savannah(yes, I know it's Georgia, but it's worth it). It's beautiful down there! Don't say there's not that much to do because there's TONS!! Beaches, museums, war stuff, ghost tours, great food!! You cannot go wrong. And the place is loaded with history, so the hubby would love it. And because I'm a nerd and love to tour old places I'm also going to suggest the Biltmore mansion in Asheville. It's the largest residence in America. They have wineries on site too :) I know you guys don't like to do that sort of thing(tour old houses, I mean), but it's completely worth it. The place is huge!! I did Georgia and the Carolinas and it's on my list of top faves aaaaand I was in high school and never once got bored. So, that's my vote(and I also don't know why I didn't tell you this when we were on the phone the other night). The Mom and I have tons of ideas for you if you do end up going :) BTW...she(my mom) also voted for this as well.