Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hello! My Name is...


Yes, I'm crazy. But I'm okay with it. I've come to accept it. Those around me have learned to love it.

I now have a better understanding for those who are crazy and can't do anything about it. Do you know how freakin' expensive crazy pills are? I just picked up my 90 day supply and it said, "You saved $603.00 by choosing generic!"

Excuse me? Was that six hundred and three dollars? No wonder the world is full of sick people, they can't afford the medicine! I cannot imagine life without insurance. If I had to fork over that much money on a regular basis, you'd find me crouched in a corner in full on panic-attack mode crying for my mom. Geesh.

I'm SO thankful for insurance (and so are my co-workers, husband, and dogs).


Socially Conscious Darling said...

Not having insurance sucks. My husband was on aderal but we just stopped getting it because it was over $300 and they didn't have generic. I'm on sybicort and I spend $200 for that. Not to mention my anxiety pills, thyroid pills, and birth control. Being self employed sucks because you can't really afford to pay for health insurance.