Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Okay... I've never been one to be the domestic goddess... my cooking, cleaning, and general house tidying skills can prove it.

(This is where you come in, dear readers...)

How on EARTH do you iron a dress shirt correctly? Hubby normally takes his things to the dry cleaners, but we just bought some new shirts for him and he'd like to wear them. We're also talking about skipping out on the dry cleaners (to save some $$) and doing his things at home. This means lots and lots of ironing.

I'm so sad I can't live up to the ironing skills of the dry cleaners. Please, please, please (begging isn't pretty, but I must do it sometimes...) give me some tips. I would hate for hubby to have to go to work looking like a bum because his wife can't iron to save her life.*

*Yes, I do know we're living in 2009.. and husbands can do their own laundry/ironing... but I'm afraid hubby might burn the house down attempting to iron.


Allison said...

This is a tough one. I hate ironing shirts...and sometimes I do a crummy job on purpose because then my husband will redo it himself the way he likes it :) teehee

Lil' Woman said...

Sorry girl, I'm of no help, boyfriend does all his own ironing cause he think I might burn the house down,

Candace said...

1. You stand infront of the tv to watch a movie so it doesn't seem like you're actually working.
2. (I color coordinate mine, but you don't have to be as anal)Take a shirt from the pile and place it on the board to iron the collar down flat
3. Then I iron the arms with the crease going down the middle.
4. Place the front chest side of the shirt on the wide part of the board fitting it snug with the armpit area tight on the corner(i think with men's it would be the no button side first)
5. Once that side is complete, slide the same armpit to the other corner and start ironing the backside of the shirt, the move to the other half of the back putting the other armpit area in the first corner.
6. Switch to the last side of the shirt (this should be with buttons on men's).
7. Hang on hanger immediately.

Everyone says its easier for right-handed people. Hope this helps.

Kristi said...

Best advice, ever:

Spend a little extra and buy him the Brooks Brothers non-iron shirts. It's all we get for Joe - and he's had some of them for 5+ years. TOTALLY worth the investment. :) Saves time, money (eventually) and worth the reduced stress/excessive manual labor!