Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Random thoughts... so I'll do a little list.

  • My assistant thought a kid had a #2 accident. I went to address the situation (no offense, but women are much better at handling accidents, especially of the poop variety). When I point blank asked him, "Do you have poop in your pants?", he replied, "No, I just have to pass gas a lot and it really stinks." I quietly reminded him to say excuse me and went on my merry way.
  • I realized that my kids really are far from "normal" when I was talking to another teacher. Apparently it's not normal for kids to inhale their food and ask for seconds, thirds, and fourths when eating a small snack at school. That was when I remembered my kids are only eating two meals a day and those meals happen at school. It's quite sad to remember that because sometimes life isn't fair and in the case of these kids, it really isn't fair.
  • A kid told me today that I'm beautiful like a cupcake and then grabbed my hand and started kissing it. He also told me I'm the bestest teacher in the whole world and he never wants to leave second grade.
  • In response to our journal prompt today, "If I were a leprechaun I would hide my gold _____" he proceeded to write, "In Ms. L's house" and drew a nice picture of us in my house. When I asked him why he would hide it in my house he matter-of-factly told me, "Dat's the only place it'd be safe. Nobody can hurt you in Ms. L's house." I was shocked to hear him say nobody would hurt it there. Gold can't be hurt, but apparently kids can be and more than likely, he's being hurt. Broke my heart.
  • Sometimes I wonder if I'm doing enough for my students. I'm not 100% sure I am. I know I'm teaching them the things they should be taught, but am I teaching them compassion? Am I teaching them and showing them what it means to be a respectable member of society? I can only hope.
Even though this sounds like a debbie downer kind of post, I really did have a fabulous day! My kids are growing academically and behaviorally and I get to watch it all unfold. I really do have the best job in the world.


Sherrie said...

I think you are teaching them more than you ever will realize. You are giving them a safe and loving environment in which to learn and that my friend is priceless!

littledaisymay said...

Awww! I bet you're the best teacher :) The kids seem to love you!

siovhan said...

i love how much you love your kids.
can't wait to read more!! thanks for your super nice comment!!

Anonymous said...

I think that those kids are so lucky to have someone like you in their lives. Those few hours in the school day are probably their only peaceful time. It is so great that you are making such a difference in these kids lives. I wish that all teachers were like you!

Lil' Woman said...

Bless those childrens heart!
There lucky to have a teacher that they can come to and feel safe!