Monday, January 11, 2010

Bachelor Thoughts...

Here's my play by play.. totally random, but I literally watched and typed.

"on the wings of love" while flying? LAME
If anyone made me wear a helmet and ride a motorcycle in a dress.. I'd be p/o'd and never mind the hot mess my hair would be.
Chicago? really?? Okay, you made it better by playing "you're the inspiration"
Michelle? Whiny. Really? You don't get what you want, so you threaten to go home. Nice.
Dresses on a group date? What were you thinking? This show has a track record for doing adventurous things on group dates. Baseball games, horseback riding, theme parks. Not so much dress-friendly.
A note on a first date? Really? Are you 6? And then you read it aloud? Annoying.
Elizabeth.. love the boots.. don't like "playing hard to get.."
Don't tease and say he can't kiss you and then beg him to kiss you.. lame.
So wait.. threaten to go home and then stay? Weird.
Wow. Some of those dresses. REALLY short.
Ew. Michelle. I can't stand your whining. And then? You tell him you're a drama queen.. "I packed my bags.." Boo hoo. You're a drama queen.
it's never good when Chris calls you outside. Even though we know what all the drama is.. it's so awesome Chris is calling her out.
You are on national television and you don't think your personal life is anyone's business?? riiiiight.
I like the security guard standing outside the door. Added a nice touch.
Rozlyn, your gold dress is not pretty.
Ladies? You're crying because some girl left? Weird. It means she's no longer competition. And, hello.. she had a rose.
Not gonna lie. I love the drama.
Of course Michelle speaks up.
Dear Tenley, I like you. Maybe because I feel for you. The whole divorce thing. I get you.
Love that they had to bleep Alli. Totally my kind of girl.
Oh Jake, your chances are really slim. Do you really believe you're going to find your one true love?
Vienna and Tenley have great taste in dresses.
I love watching Michelle sweat bullets. Is that bad?
I'd be annoyed if someone else had my name and I heard the first part of my name and had to wait for the initial.
Of course Michelle got a rose. She's good for ratings. Train wreck!
Ashley, Ashley, Ashley.. don't blame it on someone else. You tried too hard.
Of course you know for a fact that others didn't come for the right reasons.. of course. Because you wouldn't dream of coming just to win, right?

And next week..
Hello, drama!


Jessis said...

Reality Steve said the winner ... which is frustrating as I didn't want to read it but it was an accident!

Thoughts on not watching next week and then watching while you're here instead?

Scott said...

And to think, I gave up all of this to watch UFC Fight Night from George Mason. Sounds like this was better than the fights. :-)