Thursday, January 14, 2010

Some Girls Have ALL the Luck...

...and I am not one of those girls!

You see, I'm not very lucky. In the past few months, I've separated from my husband (unlucky in love), had a car accident (just downright unlucky), and got the stomach flu on Christmas (pretty crappy). Now? I'm staying at the house (I've since moved out and into a fabulous condo that I found randomly on craigslist, so I suppose I do have some luck!) with the dogs, as my ex is out of town and two dogs in one tiny condo isn't such a good idea.

Where was I? Oh yeah, I'm staying at the house. Well, the heat decided to stop working. I know, right. Of course it would happen when I was there. It's winter, folks. That means it's super-cold. After problem solving with my father-in-law (ex father-in-law? how does that work?) we decided it was unsafe to have the furnace on, as the flame that attempts to start the furnce keeps getting bigger and we really don't need third degree burns now do we? So, as a result.. I'm sleeping in the basement that has electrical baseboard heating on a blow up mattress. Classy. I suppose it's like camping. In a house. In my old house. With two dogs. And very little heat.

Good thing I have lots of blankets. And yes, I'm shivering as I type this. Because of course, the television is upstairs where the temperature is downright frigid.

Oh and to add to the luck? MLK day is coming up, so that means I've been teaching my children about compassion and the amazing teachings of Dr. King. Last year, I had tears when I read the page that he was murdered. This year? A little kiddo told me that his mom hated white people, except she probably didn't hate me. I suppose I'm honored. Just a little confused... and, one kid said I was just like Dr. King because I say, "Use your words, not your fists."

But the best news in all of this? I'm still smiling (through chattering teeth, of course...) and laughing. So I suppose I'm not so unlucky afterall.


Lil' Woman said...

Keep your head up girl and keep that positive attitude! :)

Jessis said...

Why oh why are you sleeping in the bed? At least I'm assuming you have dog body heat?


Lori's Mom said...

Only YOU!!! But, hey, at least you can't say that your life is boring!!

LawGirl said...

I had the same run of bad luck yesterday. Hope you have an awesome weekend to make up for it!