Thursday, January 21, 2010

One step closer to coffee...

My BFF has tried to tell me over and over that I should embrace coffee. I keep telling her that I just don't like it.
Fast forward to Christmas... my parents bought me a Kuerig coffee maker. (yes, even though I don't drink coffee.. it's fashionable and makes awesome tea/hot chocolate, plus it looks pretty sweet on my granite counter tops). She knew it would be the death of me.
Fast forward to the day I accidentally put in a k cup of mocha instead of hot chocolate. Mmm.. deliciousness.
Again, she insisted that I try coffee. I believe somewhere along the way she referred to mocha as a gateway drug, as that was how she became addicted to coffee.
Last night? I was out with a friend when I was blindsided by Vietnamese coffee. Apparently the Vietnamese enjoy their coffee with condensed milk on the bottom and extremely rich coffee beans. (I was told it was equivalent to having 3 shots of espresso).
The verdict? I liked it. What is this world coming to? Have I really decided to trade in my super large diet cokes for coffee?
It's official. I'm old.


Allison said...

I got a Keurig too - LOVE it (although I'm not a coffee drinker either...)

Had something kinda personal to ask you, but can't find your email! Can you email me?

rn.allison at gmail :)

Jessis said...

I loathe the coffee ... or at least used to, but now I can stomach it in certain situations. For instance, with flavored coffee creamers? Yes. The problem is that most of the coffee and diners and that kind of thing is crappy beans, and that's where we get the idea we hate coffee. The good stuff is ACTUALLY good. We just get the bad stuff early in life because it's cheaper.

Just my $0.02. You can have some creamer when you're here. :-)

Lil' Woman said...

I don't like coffee or anything of the and my hot chocolate are homies for life!

Lizzie said...

haha...this blog cracks me up! I knew one day you would crack...especially since you got a keurig for Christmas. So happy that I can help with your new addiction. :) When you come to visit me again, we will have to go out for coffee! ;) love you!

Lizzie said...
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