Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Daily Phonics Lesson

Since returning to school from the Holiday Break, I have been rocking a positive attitude and a smile at all times. I have noticed a huge change in the way my students are engaging in their learning. Apparently it's more fun to learn from a happy teacher... strange, I know.
Well, yesterday during our phonics lesson, we were focusing on the oo sound (like in goo). I was totally being spicy when we got to the word "super". Before sounding it out, I said to my students, this is what Ms. L is! We sounded it out, they read super and laughed at me and told me I really am super.
We then got to the word rude... Again, we sound it out, they read it. All is well. Until Little Man says, "That's what you are, Ms. L! You're rude!"
I beg your pardon? Moi? Rude? Never. Seriously, the one thing I am not is rude. I may be a super hard teacher who expects a lot from her kids, but I am not rude. So, naturally, I ask for an explanation. His response? "When they be all acting a fool and fussing at each other, you do get rude. You make them behave!"
Ah.. there it is. I'm rude because I make them behave. How dare I?
Thank you daily phonics lesson for shedding some light on my perceived rudeness. I'm not taking it too seriously, Little Man also told me I was cute when we read that word.


ReRe said...

when i read this, i imagined the kid being the little kid from "Role Models" hahaha

Lil' Woman said...

lol...I agree with ReRe..I pictured that too!