Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Play on..

In our daily phonics lesson today, we learned about the suffixes -er and -est. You know, -er meaning more and -est meaning most. As in happy, happier, and happiest. We could come up with some great sentences for these words. They even came up with great sentences for grouchy, grouchier, and grouchiest.

Little Dude: Ms. L is grouchy when we don't follow directions.
Little Mr. Crazy: Ms. L is grouchier with Little Dude when he doesn't follow directions.
Lil' Miss: Ms. L is the grouchiest when she doesn't have her coffee or diet pepsi in the morning.

Not bad. Great use of "real-life" examples.

Then we get into some words with multiple meanings. These are words like bat, dress, and punch. You know, words that have different meanings depending on how you use it. We came to the word play. We came up with play with toys, play football, and a play you act in. We then added some suffixes. Played.. I played football with my brother. And then we came to player. The normal things that might ring in your mind would be a football  player or a DVD player. Not these kids. Little Mister Crazy says, "My brother is a player."

Hold the phone. Your brother? Is a player? What exactly do you mean by that? "You know, he's a player. We call him a player."

Ah... gotcha. Play on playa, play on. 


littledaisymay said...

So funny! I love reading your school stories :)

Lil' Woman said...

Lol....those kids know too much..haha! :)