Monday, July 28, 2008


I LOVED the aerobics class! The neighbor and I headed over to the gym to try a half/half class. It was half aerobics and half muscle conditioning. It kicked my butt, but it was totally fun! I have never done aerobics and kind of thought it was reserved for the *ahem* elderly. Turns out, it's not! It was quite a work out. Plus, we finished up with sit-ups, push-ups, and some leg work outs. I totally got my cardio and strength training done in one session. Awesome for me!

On the other hand... I went with cute little neighbor girl who doesn't sweat and looks fabulous doing all the moves. Me? I look stupid and sweat like a fat cow.

To prove my point? Hubby rolled by the studio to check in on me (he was worried about the knee...) and when he came home he was like, "I saw you in class! You looked a little confused... Has C done it before? She looked like she had it under control." Nice. Ah well... so I looked a little stupid, at least I wasn't barfing in the corner. Maybe next week I'll actually figure out the moves that confused me.

The good news? I found something I liked... which means maybe now I'll shed some of the pounds I've packed on. Next up? Tai Chi tomorrow with the hubby. He's going to put me to shame, too. He's all super-athletic boy in everything he does. I'm just athletic girl in basketball, volleyball, and softball. Him? Everything he tries. Damn.