Thursday, July 17, 2008


Okay, it's official: I hate ants. Seriously, they are everywhere. It all started on 4th of July when I was practically eaten alive by those suckers. They were out for blood. My blood. I had no less than fifty ant bites. Each and every one of them itched like crazy. Now they are in my classroom at summer school and the kids are walking around saying, "Is there one on me? I'm getting eaten by ants!". Okay, no they are not on you and no they are not eating you. To add fuel to the fire, they are now crawling over my spot on campus. I sat in them the other day and vowed to move spots. I moved today and they are here, too. Uck.

Funny little side story about summer school... I have a little guy in my class who doesn't talk much. He giggles a lot, but the little man doesn't have a whole lot to say. And, with the behaviors I have in my class, there's not a whole lot of time for me to listen to him talk. He's not a behavior problem. I have to spend time with the six other little guys who have a lot to say, most of which is not very nice and usually involves a curse word or ten.

So little man was outside waiting for the bus when he started giggling profusely. I asked him what was so funny. He pointed to the boy next to him in a pink Ohio shirt. I said, "Ohio? Is that what's so funny? It is a funny name for a state, isn't it?" To which he replied, "No, silly! Pink! Boys don't wear pink!" Of course the boy who was wearing the shirt had no idea that he shouldn't be wearing pink (it matched the Winnie the Pooh socks his mom made him wear, duh!) and little guy said, "My dad says boys don't wear pink. It's a girl color!" Now I had no idea this kid had that much language, let alone an opinion about colors boys shouldn't be wearing. Apparently his dad doesn't think boys should be in pink and it's pretty funny to some boy wearing pink. My thought? Why isn't he laughing about the Pooh socks?

I just don't understand why parents of kids with disabilities think it's a good idea to show that their kid has a sub-par IQ by dressing them in Pooh socks, fanny packs, or any other identifying factor that proves they didn't pick out their clothes (or they have bad taste in clothes). Yes, I've actually had a little one wearing a fanny pack. I had to tell his mother that he was getting made fun of for his fanny pack. She told me she wears a fanny pack. I had to stifle my laughter because she clearly had a warped sense of fashion. He showed up the next day sans fanny pack.

And one more t-shirt for the day: A little boy with autism (who was shouting obscenities at my aide and saying,"NO! NO! NO! I will not. Unless I blow you up with my TNT. Even then, you can't make me do it, TNT is more powerful than you!") that explained he was autistic and said something about having tantrums and not being spoiled, but being autistic. What a great shirt. However, I think it's a bit ironic that he's wearing it while he's having a tantrum.


Ashley said...

does the TNT boy happen to have the initials A.D.?

BrooklynGirl said...

My aunt wore a fanny pack to my brother's wedding, no joke. Over her formal dress.