Friday, July 11, 2008

One more thing..

Is it crazy that I get so happy when I press spell check and nothing comes up? I seriously smile. I am so proud of myself. Then I get angry when it says I spelled some slang term wrong. I didn't spell it wrong, you just don't know how to spell stupid spell check.

I also laugh when people spell something on an assignment wrong. I'm like, well.. guess you should have listened better when your teacher was teaching you English! I mean seriously, you're in college. You're taking grad classes. LEARN HOW TO SPELL! Especially when it's the your/you're.. or they're/there/their.. I cringe at their usage and then giggle because I know I'm smarter than they are.

Of course, it's only with adults. Never with children.

Ah.. the little things in life.

Don't worry. When I pressed spellcheck-- zip, zero, zilch errors. "No misspellings found!" Duh! I'm a freaking genius!


Ashley said...

did you see my comment about the hour that you post not coming up on other blogs?

BrooklynGirl said...

I am right "their" with you, sisterfriend.