Monday, July 7, 2008

Just Another Manic Monday...

I heard that song today on my way home... how fitting?!

Today was day one of summer school and it was a crazy one! First of all, the class I'm in has two classes combined.. so we have 13 students in K-2. That's a lot of kids in one room. Add in four adults and it's certifiably crazy in there.

Well, I have one runner (who also loves to touch electronics/kids/adults and enjoys putting things in his mouth including electronics/kids/adults), one screamer (at decibels I didn't think kids could reach...), and two completely non-verbal students. Plus, two kids almost at grade level (usually that's a nice thing.. in this case, it's not...). And a smattering of other kids who I can't even think of right now because they were nowhere near as needy as the previously mentioned kids. Oh, and I had half the class absent today.

And to top it off? A grad paper that is looming over my head and tonight is the season finale of "The Bachelorette"... so you know how well that paper is going to go.

Next year when I say I'm taking two grad classes AND teaching summer school... remind me that I'm crazy.


Sue said...

Sows how much I know. I thought the song was "Just Another MAGIC Monday" . . .

You are sure to have some great stories for this blog as summer school rolls on! And just think, by the end of July, you'll be done with summer school and almost done with those 2 grad classes. You'll have a few days of FUN camping before you head back to the regular "normal" school year!! Good thing you're young. Old people like me couldn't handle your adventures!! Love ya tons!