Thursday, July 3, 2008


When you think of 4th of July, what do you usually think of? BBQ's and fireworks? Yup, me too. Well, I may or may not be doing either of them this year...

First of all, let me tell you that fireworks are my ALL TIME FAVORITE THING. Seriously, I would drive a thousand miles just to see fireworks. I love them. I'm pretty sure I'm the most annoying person to watch fireworks with, but I love them. Yes, I scream and point to each of them and proudly proclaim, "That was my favorite!" or "Did you see that one?" and the occasional "OOOOH, AHHHHH, WOW!". I love them.

Last year for one reason or another we didn't get to the fireworks. Mainly because hubby and the neighbor had a little too much fun the night before and I couldn't motivate either of them to go. So, hubby and I watched them on HD on the new big screen. He claims it was even better than the real thing. I think he's wrong.

This year? It's supposed to storm. Seriously? The one night a year I get to see fireworks and it storms? Ugh.

Now on to the grill. Oh how I love to grill! Once it stops snowing and I can stand to be outside for more than two minutes without freezing to death, I'm ready to throw anyting and everything on the grill. Well last night the cuz and I were going to make some lovely grilled chicken sandwiches (I was inspired by the lunch I had with Ashley). So I ran out to fire up the grill with the girls (they LOVE the deck) and opened the grill top and noticed there was something white and fuzzy in the grill. Odd. I don't remember putting a bunch of string in the grill. Something moved. Scurried. It was a mouse. An effing mouse in my grill! SICK!

So I ran in the house, got the cuz and we admired the rodent's work (hubby named him Fievel from "Fievel Goes West"). Hubby came home and I made him look at the mess in the grill. He was awesome and ran and got the trap and set it, while I looked over his shoulder and jumped every two seconds. I don't deal well with insects or rodents.

Apparently it's dead. Cousin looked this morning. Don't think for a second I'm going to look. I'll trust her.

Now how do I make it so I can grill and not feel like I'm always roasting mouse poop?


Sara said...

I'm glad you'll trust me. It was quite a sight this morning. While I was waiting for breakfast to toast..I decided to have a little adventure for myself and check the grill. You can imagine what I looked like standing as far away as possible(in case it jumped out and attacked my face..they do that, you know), banana in one hand, grill handle in the other. I only needed one little peak, once I saw the tail and those little legs, I knew I wouldn't be finishing that banana. Poor little guy. I do feel bad for him, but his friends will now know not to make a nest in a grill(and hopefully the shed)...

Ashley said...

ugh how sick! BTW.. I like the new background!