Sunday, July 13, 2008

WV or bust?!

Yesterday the cuz and I headed out to West Virginia with a friend of hers in tow to go whitewater tubing. It was such a blast! We went over class I and class II rapids, saw some wildlife, and caught some rays. It was a load of fun.

Funny little tidbit. The cuz took a little bit of a tumble out of her tube, capsizing while flowing over a rapid. It was hilarious. I saw the whole thing happen... the look on her face going over the rapid, the bumping over in the tube, and the look on her face when she realized she wasn't on her tube anymore. I about died laughing. What a sight! She wasn't quite as thrilled with the results, as it's difficult to get back on a tube when you're still floating along in swiftly moving water that is over your head.

Bottom line? If you live near anywhere you can white water tube-- it's worth it! Lots of fun (and a little bit of work-- how do you think you paddle without oars? Those things attached to your shoulders-- yup, your arms!) and a great adventure!