Tuesday, July 1, 2008


So.. today while I was in class, I did some thinking that was, of course, not related to class in any way. Well, one thought was.. but I wasn't thinking about class like I'm sure the professor wanted me to be. And I may have written down all my thoughts (just so I wouldn't forget by the time I drove home). But for all he knew, I was taking notes. And I was. Just not about what he was saying.

First off.. ants. They are funny little creatures. At the beginning of my class there was just one ant. By the end of class, there were more than fifteen. Seriously, how do ants communicate so quickly? They can't text, email, or call... what do they do to send the message to the others? Weird. I wonder what ants sound like when they "talk".

Next... annoying people. Why do people get into conversations about how their job/school/principal/district/life sucks. And then proceed to compare with others. One says x random item at school sucks, the other has to top it with their sucky-ness. Seriously, if you think it sucks so bad, get a new job/school/principal/district/life. I may have said the second to last one out loud. But without the suck part. I just casually mentioned, "Maybe you should find a new school district to work for". Homegirl shot me a look. In my defense, I spent four hours listening to her and I said the same thing everyone else was thinking.

And the best thinking I did? Better ways to spend any given Tuesday night. Here's what I came up with. I know there are more. I just had to start listening to Mr. Lawyer Man talk about school cases that paved the way for my 1st Amendment Rights. Here's the list: sleeping, tv, mario kart, running (although.. probably I won't), baking, working on summer school stuff (it's actually kind of fun because summer school is way better than regular school), reading, and eating. I was really hungry. Instead? I was listening to Ms. Pity Party talk about why her school sucks.


On a lighter note, tomorrow I get to set up my classroom for summer school. I know all teachers can agree with the fun involved in this. Picking just the right bulletin board color, writing names on folders, door tags, name plates, etc, and arranging your classroom so it's just right. So the kiddos know just how fun you are because your room is the coolest. Kind of like a mullet. Business in the front, party in the back. I'm way serious as a professional, but I have a lot of fun and I'm probably the coolest teacher they will encounter. Ever.