Tuesday, July 8, 2008

a day in the life...

Todays tally? Hits=2 Bites=1. That means little kid 3, Lori 0.

After the bite one of the other kiddos (who often says things I'm thinking but can't say out loud because I'm an adult and I'd get fired) says, "Dang! If I did that my mom would whoop my @$$!" Yes, he used the naughty word.

Oh boy, I love summer school!

On a lighter note... anyone watch "The Bachelorette"? Ew. I didn't want her to pick Jesse. But I saw it coming (mainly because I wasted far too much time on the message boards and someone leaked the ending...) and I don't really believe in finding love on tv that quickly, but I'm glad it's over so now I don't waste my time on the message boards reading and analyzing everything that is said. Whew. Now I can actually work on those grad papers.

Happy Tuesday.


Ashley said...

I am super pissed that she chose Jesse. What was she thinking!!!!

Ugh. gross.