Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Busy, busy..

Okay, I'll admit. I've been a pretty bad blogger. In my defense though.. I don't really think anyone is reading, so I'm pretty sure nobody noticed. (Hubby I know you read... but I tell you all of this anyway so you don't really count) AND I've been super busy with grad classes winding down. Last class is tomorrow! WOO HOO! Then I'm 8 classes away from my M.Ed. =)

I'm going to do a little list of what's going on around here:

  • The cuz left today with her mom in tow. We didn't even say goodbye for fear that we'd bawl like babies. We didn't want to risk humiliation- I frickin' had to go to work!
  • Grad classes are done for a few weeks in t minus 1 day.
  • I'm stuck working on a 14 page final exam full of crazy school law BS. Even though Professor Lawyer Man said he didn't write any of them to trick us, I've been cursing at him in my head- more than one tricked me.
  • We lost power for a few hours today-- doing a final exam on the computer in the dark (it was cloudy and then a thunderstorm rushed through) isn't very easy.
  • I had to eat a lunch that consisted of fast food (the power was out! I couldn't heat anything up OR open the fridge!) and I loved every second of it.
  • Hubby is TOTALLY awesome and got me a gift certificate to The Limited (my fav.) and Victoria's Secret. He loves me.
  • Mom and Dad sent flowers today because they were thinking of me. Yay!

School today was pretty uneventful. The terror has moved to a different school but another one has taken over for him. Seriously, who teaches their kid to bite? Bites suck. Thankfully I got to teach today and my aide took care of the biter.

And... one more school story. So.. this little one of mine (who isn't so little...) has a really sub-average IQ. We're working on the alphabet. I presented her with the letter c. I told her repeatedly, "This is the letter C! Say C!" She repeated, "C". I asked, "What letter?" She replied, "A!" This went on for some time. I'd tell her it was C, she'd repeat C, and then I'd ask her what it was... always A. Never C. Today was the same story. Only we were working on O. She loves to say "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!" We made it totally fun and even acted out making the letter O (yeah, we're fun) and everyone loved it. Home girl still called it A. Even after all the motions.

Damn. Hope this doesn't mean I suck at teaching.


Ashley said...

check out my blog.. I commented back.

Sue said...

Not only do I read your blog, but I notice things like what happened to the cool pink background?????

Hey, camping in 2 weeks!!!!!

Love ya.

Ashley said...

I read you big b.

when are we going to do lunch?