Sunday, July 27, 2008


Wow.. yesterday was an active day! Hubby woke me up and asked if I wanted to ride my bike while he ran. Reluctantly, I agreed. Had a nice 6 mile bike ride and came home to get ready to go kayaking.

The neighbors invited us to go kayaking with them on one of LL Bean's Outdoor Adventures. It was such a fun time! For $15 we had two hours of fun in the sun on the lake near our house. We're thinking of taking it up a notch and heading to Annapolis to do it on the Bay. It's supposed to teach you more things and you get to be in a larger body of water with some waves. AND they teaching you water exits-- you know, falling out and getting back in.

That means for the past three weekends, I've done something that was a) outdoors, b) involved water, and c) a little active! If only I could lose weight doing those activities.

Which reminds me... anyone have suggestions for fun things to do to exercise? I despise running. I hate the gym. And I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to anything that feels like working out. I need kayaking, playing basketball, you know.. fun things! I'll take ANY suggestions... as I'm quickly turning into quite the fatty and the option of cutting back food isn't really an option. I love food.

Ahh.. I guess I'll go make breakfast now! =)


Ashley said...

I wish I knew.

I'm actually taking tennis lessons this fall with a few girlfriends...but you probably don't live close enough to the community college to take advantage of them.