Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I'll admit it, I'm slightly obsessed with Mario Kart for Wii. And.. by slightly I mean I play it everyday. For hours on end. Multiple times.

Well, tonight we (S & I) decided to play online. Basically it means anyone can be in the same race we're in from all over. Sometimes you'll play with people from all over the world. Tonight? We played with people from all over the US. Kind of neat.

While you are racing you can see the names other people have chosen for their Mii (your character- you can change the eyes, hair color, lips, and even accessories!). Well, the people we played with had some unique names. It wasn't like Joe, Sally and Tom. It was seriously ET, Ju, Daddy, Phildo, Shorty, Bicho, and Chochido. Chochido? Weird. I hope that's a nickname and not a real name. If it is, Choch.. your parents hated you from the moment you were born. And Phildo? Rhymes with.. well.. you get the point. Another one. Your parents doomed you from day one. Sara thought maybe his name was like Phil Dorchester or something and his friends nicknamed him. I prefer to think his real name is Phildo because it makes me laugh.

And that leads into my classroom for summer school. Some of the names? I think the parents were smoking crack. Don't get me wrong, I'm cool with you naming your child something unique. But seriously when I read my class roster I'd like to at least know one name. Is that too hard to ask?


Sara said...

Okay, okay..if you're going to quote me, quote me correctly. I said his name was probably Phil Dorrance. Dorchester?! No, no. I do hope that's his real name!! It would be fabulous!