Sunday, July 6, 2008

insert witty title here

Talk about stylish! I LOVE the new face of the blog. I sometimes just go to look at it. Yes, I'm lame.

Can you believe tomorrow is Monday already? Tomorrow is my first day of summer school and I'm not really looking forward to it. Mainly because I have a million and one things going on with grad classes and I really got used to having all day to prepare/read/write my papers. Now I actually have to manage my time. What a shame.

I was really beginning to get super excited about the garden we planted this year. Until we went to our bbq yesterday. The neighbor's had such glorious gardens. Complete with lettuce and LOTS of squash. Now I'm really holding out hope on our squash and cucumbers because man have those things flowered. But the pride and joy all along has been the tomatoes. Except they've really not grown in a few weeks and there's only three of them. This house? They had tons of tomatoes. Guess that means I'm really going to have to expand next year. I was thinking.. the entire fence line in the back. Right now it's just 1/3 of it... and the grass next to it is pretty bad, so instead of putting in grass seed.. we should do a bigger garden! Yes, I'm so lame I want a garden-- who would have thought?!

As soon as I figure out how to post pictures (it's not easy when the entire page is written in code and I can't update to the new version of blogspot or my formatting gets all jacked up... guess I'll have to ask hubby about that one) I'll put up the garden and some cute puppy pics I have.

I'm sorry I don't have anything witty to say today... I think working on the case brief for my school law class took all of the humor out of me. Stupid school law.


Ashley said...

FYI.. In response to your comment...

Yes.. they are from Ikea. The pictures came in a pack of three for only 15 bucks.

The frames were only 3.99 each and I bought the craft paint for .50 cents at JoAnn Fabrics. What a steal!