Monday, July 28, 2008

Breaks my heart...

Today I had two heart breaking moments. The first was when I got to school. There was a cute little dog who clearly was not where he was supposed to be. Mind you, there was a very busy highway not even 100 yards from where he was. I called the number on his tag and there was no answer. So I left a message and called my mom (moms ALWAYS know what to do in every situation) and she suggested taking the little fella to his house to see if the neighbors knew anything. Of course, the neighbors knew of the dog because he was always out of his yard. I put the little guy back in his yard, after questioning the minds of the stupid owners who apparently don't care their beloved furry friend gets out of their yard. Not even 30 minutes later, the little guy was spotted across the way. Seriously, if you own a pet.. take care of the darn thing! If little fella can escape multiple times a day (I later heard from the school secretary that he frequents the school almost daily) and you don't care, find someone who does care. What is wrong with people?

Then as I was working with a little guy on subtraction (we've been working on it for four weeks and he still can't do it..) he broke down. Tears streaming down his face, shaking miserably. He looks up at me and says, "I don't want to be dumb my whole life!". I told him he wasn't dumb and that math can be hard. He told me his mom says he's dumb and his friends think he's dumb. Seriously, if you have children DO NOT EVER tell them they are dumb. Especially because, more than likely, you had some contributing factor (genes) to their intelligence. Even if your child is not the brightest crayon in the box, you should never sell them short because they have talents in one area or another. Children do not deserve to be told they cannot do anything. Seriously, what is wrong with people?

I'm less than impressed with the dog owners and the parents of this child. If you are a pet owner or a parent, please tell them how much they mean to you. Hug them. Love them. Please.

On a lighter note, I'm headed to an aerobics class tonight. I'm hoping it will spark some interest in working out again. I need to lose weight, pronto!


Ashley said...

I think that you should call animal control and report them.

or just steal the dog.